Studying Vietnamese language in Vietnam


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 Vietnamese language in Vietnam

Studying Vietnamese language in Vietnam

You work with a lots of companies or organization in Vietnam, sometimes you have problem with language misunderstanding,  We help you to study Vietnamese language in Vietnam. Classes will be held by professional Vietnamese language teachers & center. Those who wish to study Vietnamese language will have some questions about their stay, cost and schooling when coming to Vietnam to study.  We mostly arrange this kind of service in Hanoi  , where the accent of  the Hanoi people is considered to be the standard Vietnamese language. We list up questions and answers for you.

a- Living and Studying Cost:
+ Initial course will take from 6 months for beginners to understand and use easy Vietnamese sentences
+ It takes approximately 12 months to listen and speak Vietnamese well.
+ It takes 1,5 year to 2 years to listen, speak, read and write well Vietnamese language
+ It takes 2,5 years to 3 years to communicate as a normal Vietnamese citizen and you can take higher study in Vietnam universities as other local students.

The progress of your Vietnamese language does not depending on how long you study, but It is very important that your studying manner, If you are hardworking, You get what you want in a shorter time than others who study less serious.

+ Can i study Vietnamese language in my own country? :  Yes you can if there is classes or place where they hold that type of class, But please take note that to have the most effective language study, the best advice is to study in Vietnam where all people around you speak Vietnamese and you have more studying environment, more friends, more understanding of Vietnamese culture, people and so on.

b - Who will teach us?
- Teacher: Vietnamese Linguistic bilingual specialist
- Class time: 3,5 hours/day / 5 days a week / 4 weeks/ month = 70 hours/ month

- Class size : 3 - maximum 10 students/ class
- School fee = 8 -10 USD/ 1 hour including your Vietnamese studying book
- Where to stay?: Private home stay or in the university hostel. Home stay is more convenient and you can secure your personal belongings. You have to pay for electricity cost and water used by yourself.

- How much does it cost for one month accommodation?: 150- 250 USD/ 1 person depending on facilities available at home stay or apartment.

- How to travel from home to class? : We often rent accommodation for foreign students at places nearby where student study to reduce traveling cost or If you want to be more flexible, you can buy Honda motorbike in Vietnam for your personal usage purposes. 1 popular, good engine made in Vietnam Honda motorbike cost around 1000-1200 USD.

- How are Vietnamese dishes? : There would be no problem for normal foreign students when eating Vietnamese dishes, It is delicious, nourishing, various choices and suitable for all people worldwide. Except those who have special eating rule & regulations as Muslim or Hindu persons, Vegetarian food is available at food stands in Vietnam.

- How much does it cost for a normal Vietnamese meal?: A normal officer meal cost 2 - 4 USD/meal depending what kind of food you order.

- How long can i stay in Vietnam for my study?: You can stay in Vietnam as long as you wish with a condition that you can manage your financial issue for your schooling and living.

c- Legal matter:

- Do I need Vietnamese visa for my stay and study?: Yes, You need to obtain Vietnam visa for your stay, minimum visa validity is 1 month and normally foreign students will order to have 6 months or 1 year Visa term. We can arrange your 6 months or 1 year visa approval letter at reasonable cost. Please refer to our Vietnam visa on arrival section for more details. when your visa expired, We can renew your visa at the same validity or longer but maximum is 1 year.

- Can I find a work in Vietnam ?: If you have a certain certificate of your working skill, you can find a work in a Vietnamese company, but most of foreign students in Vietnam will choose to be Language teachers in part time classes they teach their own languages to Vietnamese students. It is also a good change to exchange ideas and correct your Vietnamese language when communicate with Vietnamese students. There are still many questions you want to know, please make a questionnaire sheet, We will respond to you at the most exact information.

Notice :We will charge 100 USD/ person for our consultancy service in which we will arrange 03 months Vietnam visa approval document for your on arrival visa at International airport in Vietnam. You need to prepare 02 passport photos of 4 x 6 cm for Visa stamp at airport.

For those first days while you have not find your accommodation in Hanoi, we can book hotel room for you at the cost of 35 USD/night with breakfast. 

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